Traditional Wrestling Forum in Istanbul

Forum with all the Traditional and Associated Wrestling Styles
Traditional and Associated Wrestling Styles

Forum with all the Traditional and Associated Wrestling Styles was organized by UWW (United World Wrestling) in Istanbul the 6th and 7th February 2016.

UWW is an organization that supervises a variety of wrestling types across the world. It was formerly known as the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) till 2014.

Forum took place at the main Conference Hall of the Radisson Blu Hotel, where the participants from over than 30 different countries and from 4 continents such as Africa, Asia, Europe & Pan-America were brought together.

The Forum was started by the UWW President Mr. Nenad Lalovic as well as the welcome words were said by the Turkish Wrestling Federation President Mr. Musa Aydin.

Mr. Nenad Lalovic thanked all the participants for their positive response for his invitation to come to Istanbul, and marked that it is very important to come all together and to discuss all the issues and finally to make joint decisions. Also he mentioned as an important step having Branch Office in Istanbul.

Next to them Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turkmen spoke about the history and evolution of the Traditional wrestling.

After the presentations of such species as Grappling, Pankration and Belt wrestling other attending federations took a chance to present and speak about their traditional wrestling styles and to acquaint the audience with its features.

There have been made 15 different presentations of different Traditional wrestling styles that have represented such countries as: Ukraine (National Belt Wrestling), Kazakhstan (Kures & Belt Wrestling in the snow), Kyrgyzstan (Alysh), Uzbekistan, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Russia (Koresh & Khapsagai), Turkey (Kırkpınar Yağlı Güreş, Aşırtmalı Aba Güreşi), Mongolia, France (Gouren – Breton Wrestling), Turmenistan (Goresh), Iran(Women’s Wrestling) and others.

Turkmenistan’s delegation in addition to Goresh wrestling had also presented and invited all to the upcoming 5th   Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games that will take place in Ashgabat in 2017.

On behalf of the Russian Koresh Federation and International Belt Wrestling Koresh Federation «Koresh» wrestling was also showcased in the context of its history, the evolution and future development.

The Forum discussed ways of development of traditional wrestling arts and the possibility to include them into the programs of International multi-sport games and festivals such as European Games, Asian Games, World Games, SportAccord Combat Games, Summer Universiades and Olympic Games.

UWW has also proposed the ability to organize International Traditional Wrestling Festival. They noted that it is necessary to apply UWW standards to the competition rules that are also the subject of unification. It was suggested to hold annual seminars and courses for referees and coaches.

The forum noted the importance of paying attention to Paralympic sports and that is a social obligation of the sports federations.

Meeting for the first time in many years in one place representatives of the most different countries and continents, of course, is a good impetus for the development of the world of wrestling.

It is worth noting that the Forum itself is dedicated to all Traditional and Associated wrestling styles, was a very productive and dynamic.

At the same time it showed that the parties had accumulated a lot of questions and that kind of meeting was very timely in finding solutions for them.

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