IV World Koresh Championship 2015

19-20 November 2015 | Kazan, Russia
Koresh Belt Wrestling World Championships 2015

Fourth World Koresh Championship with the participants representing 20 countries has been held during 19-20 November 2015 at «Ak Bars» Wrestling Palace in Kazan.

Ceremonial opening took place on November 20th, where such guests of honor as Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan  Ildar Khalikov, the President of International Belt Wrestling Koresh Federation Zaudat Minnakhmetov, the President of the Internetional Belt Wrestling Association Ruslan Makhmutov and honored master of sports of the USSR Khabil Biktashev were represented.

Ildar Khalikov, who was speaking on behalf of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan  Rustam Minnikhanov welcomed all the competition’s guests and participants:

«We are very happy to see you all in our millennial city of Kazan! We are proud, that Kazan hosts World Belt Wrestling Championships and World Koresh Championships. These competitions are very special for us, since the «Koresh» wrestling is not only the kind of sports in the Republic of Tatarstan, but an essential attribute of «Sabantuy» folks festival. About 200 athletes  from  20 different countries gathered these days in our city in the purpose to show the best sports achievements. We believe, that they will  show not only the great sports results, but will become acquainted  with the culture of the city of Kazan»  he said.

The next speaker, the President of the International Belt Wrestling Koresh Federation had also noted the importance of the competitions:

«Today we celebrate a great moment in our land. This is the first time since the «Koresh» wrestling got its official recognition, and our city gained the honor to hold this World Championships. «Koresh» wrestling is our history, present and future» said  Zaudat Midekhatovich.

The President of the International Belt Wrestling Association Ruslan Makhmutov had also welcomed all the quests and participants.

Within World Championships workshops, seminars and master-classes for the national team representatives, referees and athletes were organized by  the International Belt Wrestling Koresh Federation.

Uncompromising wrestling for the title of the World Koresh Champion had run between the athletes of the national teams of Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and others. In result the gold medals went to the Russian athletes:  Marat Kupkenov (60 kg), Ramil Sinyakaev (70 kg), Dim Khairullin (80 kg), Nail Mukhametzyanov (90kg), Aivar Bilalov (100 kg) and Ilyas Galimov (100+ kg).

The silver medals of the Championships were distributed as followings: 60 kg – Abdulrasul Khabibullaev (Uzbekistan); 70 kg. – Fuad Muradov (Azerbaijan); 80 kg. – Igor Beshlaga (Moldova); 90 kg. – Nozimjon Ibrohimjonov (Uzbekistan); 100 kg. – Sardor Nazarov (Uzbekistan); 100+ kg. – Sabukhi Khunbatov (Azerbaijan).

The bronze medals had gone to: 60 kg. – Farid Ismayilov (Azerbaijan), Rasul Chukov (Abkhazia); 70 kg. – Islam Dastan (Kyrgyzstan), Ilkhomdjon Mashrabov (Uzbekistan);

80 kg. – Mikita Sasunouski (Беларусь), Zaylobiddin Artikov (Узбекистан); 90 kg. – Zahar Dzmitrychenko(Belarus), Anton Dzmitrychenko (Belarus); 100 kg. – Salim Alakbarov (Azerbaijan), Anatoliy Moldovan (Молдова); 100+ kg. –Sherzodjon Rakhimov (Uzbekistan), Boban Zhivanovich (Serbia).


The International Belt Wrestling Koresh Federation and Koresh Federation of Russia congratulates all the champions and the medalists of the  IV World Koresh Championships!

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